Course Features

BON Medication Administration with Clinical Component

  • Describe the nurse’s licensure responsibilities related to medication administration.
  • Describe the use of standard of standard and facility abbreviations.
  • Describe the use of the nursing process in adhering to the 6 rights of medication administration.
  • Describe the nurse’s responsibility when a medication error is made.
  • Teaching methods will include visual aids, handouts, group discussion and exercises.
  • Describe the essential elements of a complete medication order.
  • Describe the most common types of medication orders.
  • Identify elements to reduce incidence of medication errors.
  • Describe the nursing management of intravenous medication administration.
  • Evaluation in the form of pre/post tests will be included.

NoteThis course meets the Board of Nursing requirements for stipulation and board orders. The course has been reviewed and approved by the Texas Board of Nursing to assure adherence to their criteria.