Course Features

Jurisprudence and Ethics

  • Discuss the general application of ethics in nursing.
  • Differentiate the roles and functions of the BON from those of professional organizations.
  • Compare and contrast the Nursing Practice.
  • Apply the Practice Standards and  Unprofessional Conduct Rules in determining the nurse’s repsonsibilities
  • Apply the delegation criteria and supervision requirements as they pertain to client
  • Identify the types of over-involvement and utilize strategies to maintain a therapeutic
  • Assess nursing tasks to determine whether they are easily delegated
  • Describe the purpose and key steps of the peer review process
  • Relate the Safe Harbor process to applicable situations.
  • Discuss determination of RN/LVN scope of practice.
  • Summarize the investigatory and disciplinary process for handling complaints filed
  • Discuss scope of practice limitations dictated by the Multi-state Compact as they apply to nurses licensed in party states.
  • Interpret recent legislative amendments to the NPA, in addition to other legislation that may impact nursing practice.

NoteThis course meets the Board of Nursing requirements for stipulation and board orders. The course has been reviewed and approved by the Texas Board of Nursing to assure adherence to their criteria.